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Wealth Building Academy - Leadership Bundle

Leadership Book - Leadership Is Influence

The Leadership Bundle package consists of:

Autographed paperback copy of Leadership Is Influence

Digitial Leadership Course

Leadership Coaching

Leadership Is Influence Book, Digital Leadership Course, Leadership Coaching

Now more than ever, in this post-pandemic workforce and society everyone has to be accountable for their decisions in life. Everyone is a leader because they have to lead their life like no other time in history.

This leadership bundle provides clients with a thorough and holistic foundation to help them become the best leaders they can be in life personally and as an employee professionally.

The leadership bundle consists of the transformative book, Leadership Is Influence, which provides a three-pronged approach to becoming a leader of influence. You will receive an autographed paperback copy from author Paul Lawrence Vann.

Amazon Customer Review:

Berkley Michelle

5.0 out of 5 stars Really enjoyed this book.

In "Leadership Is Influence," the author delves deep into the evolving dynamics of our post-pandemic workforce. The book brilliantly captures the seismic shifts we're witnessing, from the rise of hybrid work structures to the challenges businesses face in retaining top talent. But at its heart, this isn't just a book about change; it's a guide to leadership in these transformative times. The author emphasizes that leadership isn't just about titles; it's about influence, development, and fostering a culture where everyone can rise as a leader. As I journeyed through its pages, I was equipped with a three-pronged approach to not only adapt but thrive in this new era. For anyone looking to navigate the complexities of today's workplace and become a beacon of leadership, this book is must-read. It's a masterclass in leading with purpose and influence. Highly recommended!d

Digital Leadership Course:

How To Become A Leader Of Influence

This leadership course consists of 27 lessons and let it be known leadership is the most valuable asset one can have. Be mindful that one doesn't have to have the title of leader to be one. Whether you have the title of leader, manager, or employee, having good leadership skills is a must nowadays.

How To Become a Leader of Influence is a course that will transform your current status, to that of a leader, more specifically a leader of influence.

Leadership in and of itself is a journey and like most journeys, there is a beginning, a present state, and an ending.

If you want to become a good leader, then you are in the right place. If you want to be a great leader, it will result in you becoming a leader of influence.

In today's job market, it pays to be an asset and when the asset happens to have good leadership qualities and skills, it is a bonus.

Do not and I repeat, do not get hung up on titles such as CEO, president, executive vice president, chief executive of this, or that. What I want you to focus on in this digital course is a leader does not have to have a title to be a leader.

You have a role as a leader with the company and or organization you work for. Never underestimate the responsibilities you have because just as the general officer depended on me when I was a military officer in the United States Air Force to provide my best work, your leadership is depending on you to do the same.

Here is to your success at becoming a better leader and in the end, becoming a leader of influence. You have leadership on the inside of you, this course is going to help you develop it and become a leader of influence.


Leadership Is Influence Book, Digital Leadership Course, Leadership Coaching

Paul is a top-notch teacher who is just brilliant at what he does. My knowledge of leadership has improved in leaps and bounds since I started working with him!


Leadership Development Coaching

Leadership Coaching

Three Month Program

You will receive one-on-one coaching over the three months of leadership coaching. By the end of the sessions, you will be able to become a good leader and leader of influence in your personal and professional life.



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